about us

Focus on people

At Dalsup B.V. we have a noble ambition to contribute to the international development of countries and try to achieve a higher standard of living, globally. Our vision is to be a worldwide leading tendering company, admired for our performances and respected for our values.

At Dalsup B.V. we demonstrate our social responsibility through (personal) involvement and awareness. Guided by our commitments, our mission is to provide international development projects with quality goods,

works and services at competitive prices. In addition we create an environment where people are valued, respected and have the opportunity to develop.

Over the years the company, founded in 1994, has emerged as a pioneer in the tender business and became highly specialized in the fields of medical-, laboratory-, agricultural-, metrology-, environmental-, chemical- and nuclear projects. In 2012 we inaugurated our new strategically located office with warehouse facilities in the heart of the Netherlands.