why dalsup

Proven performance

  • Distinctive & Innovative
  • Involvement & Responsibility
  • Impeccability & Integrity
  • Leadership & Initiator
  • Talent, Passion & Commitment
  • Quality & Synergy

At Dalsup B.V. we are experts in the fields of medical-, laboratory-, agricultural-, metrology-, environmental-, chemical- and nuclear projects. Because we are independent and objective, we are able to translate our client’s needs into creative solutions. We ensure quality, competitive prices and compliance with the rules and guidelines.
Over the years the company has built up extensive experience in the execution of numerous projects, whether it concerns the delivery of sophisticated equipment such as MRI systems or just setting up a laboratory with furniture. Our engineers are highly experienced in installing, training and maintenance. At Dalsup B.V. we share our accumulated knowledge to achieve added value.

Dalsup B.V. has the resources to successfully execute (development) projects worldwide, whether it is a major turnkey project or just a small supply project. Dalsup B.V. has an extensive global network of high-value executive people to serve our clients. Again and again we succeed through our professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness to exceed our client’s expectations.