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Dalsup B.V. is an expert in facilitating the coordination between stakeholders of the construction of medical- and laboratory facilities. We have the experience and ability for a successful execution. Whether it concerns the construction of a regional health centre, or the renovation of a diagnostic clinic, or the relocation of a national food laboratory, Dalsup B.V. takes care of the intended outcome.

Constructing is hard work, so to be efficient we use modern techniques. We translate our environmental awareness into sustainable solutions. The joint efforts of our skilled people make us stand out. Often we are
supported by local subcontractors. Because of our effectiveness, we always stay focused on the results. We ensure the execution of quality works within the stipulated budget and time.

We can provide the following works:

  • Construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Renovation
  • Relocation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Remediation